Los invitamos a leer la siguiente entrevista, en inglés, al CEO de POY Worldwide, Philippe Gelder, quien habla de de la llegada de POY a Chile.


How would you define POY?

POY is the leading global consumer led logo company. POY is a great marketing tool for innovative brands as it helps them to bring positive and powerful messages to the consumers by highlighting the innovative character of the brand. Marketing Innovation is important while participating products should not be older than 18 to 36 months depending on the country. We talk about marketing innovation while the POY award goes further than pure product innovation.

How has the image and credibility of POY grown over the years?

The main reason for the growing credibility is obviously the fact that it is 100% consumer voted. No jury, no fake internet survey. Additionally, as it is a tool that delivers return on investment for brands which do correctly use it (on pack, in store and on their media campaign…) big blue chip brands do use it and repeat usage year after year. Making it visible to consumers and nurturing the virtuous circle.

In what kind of markets is POY present? What are the selection criteria for these markets?

We are today present or opening in 40 countries around the world. If there are FMCG Brands, consumers and supermarkets one can say it can become a POY country.

What type of support does POY deliver to the participating brands?

Of course, the proper usage of the logo in many channels is key and we do help brands using and understanding this. We do also have media deals with partners in each country which not only give visibility to the award results but also offer special deals to the winning brands. Additionally, we are always trying to connect and support profitable collaboration with brands and distribution network through either get together between buyers of retailers and brand management. At the end of the day all winners do include strong visibility plans in their marketing plan.

How do you measure the credibility of POY from the consumer?

We do frequently measurement of logo awareness and credibility in order to evaluate year after year the evolution in each market. We are also, depending on the market, are researching the impact of the logo on product purchase while shopping. We expect some interesting new study results soon in France.

What are the criteria for selecting brands and products that participate?

A product needs to be officially sold in official retail, needs to be introduced in the market not later than 18 to 36 months depending on the country, respect the general advertising restrictions (if a product is prohibited on media it cannot participate) and, that is important it must be the will from the brand owner itself. We cannot force product to participate against their will!

Who evaluates the participating products and brands? How is that committee selected?

The expert committee’s role is not “evaluate” product but make sure all candidate products do respect our rules and can enter the contest. The committee should be locally selected according to their capacity to represent the marketing and retail industry in general, ideally through representative industry associations. There should not be any conflict of interest.

When you talk about innovation, what is evaluated?

The key differentiators are perceived innovation, attraction and usage satisfaction for the ones who have been trying the product.

Why is Chile a market for POY?

Chile is like many other countries a well-established one in terms of consumption, retail and innovation dynamic.

How do you think the Chilean consumer will respond?

I do not really see a reason for being very different than in other POY countries. Chilean consumers will like the fact that there is a guide in the store for products that do invest in innovation added value, in making sure products meet their needs and desire in a better way. POY is also going to motivate the market to make better products meeting consumer’s needs. It is pure benefit for the consumers.

What is the benefit of participating in POY?

The main one is sales increase, with no doubt. Most of our clients are well known and very professional clients, experts in marketing. And they come back every year, because it is effective on sales. Of course, one does not have to underestimate the brand image and awareness it brings to a winning product. Your product is standing out with our logo on the pack or in the media used.


What is the benefit of using the POY label?

Once again POY is no label. There is a fundamental difference between a label and a logo. The answer is above, obviously if you are participating to POY and not use the logo in many possible ways, it will not deliver results.

Do POY products increase sales? How much?

In average, in the founding country (France which started 30 years ago in 1987) sales increase of 25% have been observed depending on the product category and of course proper usage of the logo.

Is there a success story you’d like to mention?

There are many sometimes local, sometimes global. Recently we have had a winner, a brand which has recently been bought to a major FMCG player but the buyer company was in fact a startup. The logo gave them visibility and extra support to succeed in relaunching the brand and gaining precious awareness. It is good also when the logo can help enthusiast starting brands!

marzo 31, 2017

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Los invitamos a leer la siguiente entrevista, en inglés, al CEO de POY Worldwide, Philippe Gelder, quien habla de de la llegada de POY a Chile. […]
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