Alex Hay

Director Marketing de Garnier, España.

Con el logotipo rojo en el packaging de la espuma Fructis Style Hidra Rizos de Garnier hemos incrementado las ventas un 30%”.

Belén Rodríguez

Brand Manager Coca-Cola, España.

Este galardón es un claro indicador de los nuevos productos que el consumidor está valorando como relevantes y con capacidad para satisfacer sus necesidades".

Amy Kaslovskis

Whirlpool, Canadá.

Product of the Year helps Canadian consumers shop with confidence. It gives us that extra endorsement. We believe in our product and we know it’s a great product to bring to the Canadian market but knowing that 10,000 Canadians feel the same way makes us feel really good about our launch in the summer".

John Sunderland

Presidente de Cadbury Schweppes, UK.

Creo que El Producto del Año es en sí misma una innovación muy buena. Es una idea excelente para reunir los productos de gran consumo que representan los nuevos desarrollos y la innovación. Creo que todo el proceso va a ser muy enriquecedor para la industria".

Kathryn Hill

Marketing Manager, L’Oreal, UK.

Creo que El Producto del Año es uno de los premios más creíbles simplemente por el número de personas consultadas".

Tatenda Matemera

Assistant Brand Manager, Unilever, UK.

We think the logo is very strong because in a consumer opinion when they see this on pack for example, it gives them a stronger reason to believe that the product has a real quality – so we will definitely use this logo on our pack and in communication in the digital world; on face-book and the website to basically support our products".

Elaine McCague

Marketing Manager, GSK, UK.

We feel within GSK that POY is really beneficial to win – it really does help consumers to choose between the number of products they see within a supermarket".

Jane Hamilton

Consumer Editor, The Sun Newspaper, UK.

We always feature the winners in the paper and I know there's a sales uplift".

Ed Uebele

Marketing Director, MARS Petcare, USA.

The POY seal has significantly helped us increase distribution".

Neil Shah

Brand Manager, SC Johnson Aircare, USA.

It's a win all round for us and our customers. Being voted a winner by 60,000 consumers and then being able to put that message on the shelf gives us great credibility".

Herb Sorensen

TNS Scientific Advisor.

For brands’ marketers, the Voted Product of the Year logo is a huge benefit to getting out of the long tail and rising to the top”.

David Miller

Brand Manager, Pledge - SC Johnson, USA.

The Product of the Year Symbol is going to help us differentiate from the 
hundreds other home cleaning products. The endorsement from 60,000 
people is huge for us and will help us increase the believability of our 

Mike San Clemente

Associate Brand Manager, MARS Petcare, USA.

Being a Product of the Year winner in our category is very important
 because it helps the shopper make a quick decision. When they see our shelf talker among 100 products in the pet food aisle they can quickly identify that only one was named 'Product of the Year' ".

Phil Lempert

The Supermarket Guru® and Consumer Expert, USA.

Our supermarkets have 45,000 products. The average American shopper spends only 22 minutes in the supermarket. They are looking for symbols that can really give them a safety net, something that their peers have said: 'This is a good product.' It’s all about social networking. Product of the Year is something you can trust and products that you want to buy".

Herb Sorensen

TNS Scientific Advisor, Shopper, USA.

Most shoppers are unaware that upon entering a store they are presented with some 50,000 items. About 25,000 of those may constitute 5% the store's sales. For brands, Product of the Year is a huge benefit to getting out of that long tail and rising to the top".